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Sliding Rock

My girlfriend Janene took me horse riding. Horses are her love and if I want to see her then I need to love horses also. I do have to say that the mountains are beautiful this time of year and being  on a horse allows me to enjoy nature in a wonderful way.

She took me to sliding rock. This is a beautiful place in Alpine where I used to spend many summer days with my brother and sister and the neighbor boys.We would slide down the rocks into the cold water and then get out and dry off on the hot rocks.They were wonderful days of contentment and childlike fun. I love this place. It is beautiful. It brings back many fond memories.

August That Alpine Quilt Group

August has come and gone.Here are the  pictures of That Alpine Quilt Group show and tell and then quilts by Konda who owns
I hope you enjoy all the fabulous quilts.

Love the red and yellow.

This is the million dollar quilt. Each block represents the story behind a letter from her son who served a 2 year mission. Don't you think that is such a great idea. I love it.

I love all the hand embroidery on this quilt. It will be a classic.

This was a block exchange quilt. She did a great job of her colors and arranging of blocks. I think this quilt turned out great.

Yummy Cupcakes

Domestic Diva must have really put me in the mood for baking. While I was finishing this quilt out of Domestic Diva I was making cupcakes.The center of this quilt is a panel which comes in 3 different color ways. Flying geese surround the center panel finished off with the large border. Emily Taylor is the designer of this line for Riley Blake Designs.

Another picture. I think it turned out great. If you would like the pattern you can go to and download the free pattern.

Here are my cupcakes. I tweeked the recipe a little just to make it very simple. They are delicious.

I'll share the brownie cupcakes. The other cupcakes were vanilla.
Brownie Cupcakes Makes 24 cupcakes 3 cups flour 1 1/2  tsp baking powder 1 1/2 tsp salt 3 ¾ sticks of butter 12 oz unsweetened chocolate (I used part chocolate squares and then part semi sweet chocolate chips) 3 cups sugar 6 large eggs 1 tbsp vanilla 1. Mix together the flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. 2. Place butter …

Skywest Graduation

It's been a long 24 days of intense training. Who would have thought that training to be a flight attendant for Skywest would be so hard.They made it!My sister in law, Natalie and Alexis will now be working for Skywest. All those early morning and late night hours of classes and studying have paid off.

They all look so official. I'm so excited for their new adventure and I'm pretty excited about what new adventures this brings my way. You know parents fly free.This could be very exciting.