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December Quilt Group

If any of you know Amanda Herring everything she does is over the top and fabulous. So of course, when she has her diet coke it's not in a normal cup it's in this really cute and adorable cup all decked out in jewels. Isn't it perfect for a princess.
Nanette Merrill of Freda's Hive designed this quilt out of Sweet Divinity by Amanda of the Quilted Fish. It has little princess crowns and Nanette is going to embellish each one. I can't wait to see it.

This is Janice Mickelson and she was asked by Flora (the sheriff) to talk about "What inspires her" Janice has a fabulous eye for color and design and she shares some of her quilts and ideas behind why she chooses the fabrics and patterns that she does.

This is a fun pinwheel quilt using a variety of medium toned fabrics. This would be a great quilt to use up your left overs.

This quilt shows the way medium and light fabrics can play against each other to create a 3 dimension…