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Spring Quilt Market 2011

Spring International Quilt Market was here in Salt Lake City. The venue was the Salt palace in downtown Salt Lake City. It is a beautiful facility.

You can see the front of the booth above and the back of the booth below.

We like to merchandise all our new upcoming lines of fabric in their own separate sections. This keeps everything looking nice and clean. Each section is called a tower.

Above you can see Farm Fresh on your left that is coming to stores in July and on the right is Happier which is in stores right now.

The tables are where we sell and show our lines of fabric from. You can see our Sew Together tower that houses all of our new trims that go with our fabric lines.

Another look at Farm Fresh. The cutest line designed by October Afternoon.

This is a look at the All Dolled Up Quilts that were part of a fun treat for shops to participate in and win these adorable quilts.

To be involved all you had to do was pick up a brochure and visit all the the Utah designers that participated …