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The Creative Connection 4th day

This is my last day at the Creative Connection event. I took a class with Julie Cove from The Alkaline Sisters. You have got to check out her blog. Her photography is so fabulous and she has great tips and recipes. She shared the most wonderful recipes and tips for eating healthier.
Julie also shared her story about having a bad back and being incapacitated for 4 months; having back surgery and a year later not being  able to function again. She creates yummy recipes for eating healthier and cleaner with fresh in season fruits and vegetables.
Julie also shares some fun packaging ideas for the fun healthy treats she does for giving away to friends and neighbors.
My next class was with Kim Stoegbauer and her team from The TomKat Studio. They create parties.
We  learned how to make banners, cute cupcake labels and mini banners. The funnest part was the competition. Our table became our group and we were told to create a party. Someone from our team chose items from another table. I always wondered how I would do under the pressure of creating on the spot and it happened. I quickly thought, "let's make a cake!" We started building and everyone on our team took an item and started adding. It was so fun to work as a team and see something come to life quickly.
Look how fabulous this is. I want you to notice the jewels hanging from one level of the cake, the cute mini banner on top of the cake, the sign that reads "Marie Antoinette. Let them eat cake" and the best: a mini banner with napkins folded in an accordion style and tied to the wall. Aren't you impressed. It was great fun.
Kim Stoegbauer is the owner of The TomKats Studio and Toni Chase is the project coordinator.
It's time to say goodbye to everyone with a cupcake party. Aren't those beautiful?
More beautiful cakes.

We love these ladies.Kris and Kim Thurgood from My Girlfriends Quilt Shop and DYI Dish. 
Cindy and I with Jo Packman who made this whole event possible. She is such a great lady with so many connections. This was a very rewarding event. If you get the chance to go next year. Please go. You will have such a great time.

Keep Sewing and Creating!


  1. This is so cool! Excited to see you starting to do stuff like this. I’m still just a hack, of course, but I learn so much when I get the chance to tag along when you’re shooting. Plus with your knowledge of photographing Viet Nam, this should be an amazing trip for people.

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  2. Jina, thank you soooo very much for your kind words and link to my blog. It was such a delight to have met you and I hope that you are inspired to enjoy some super health food. Wasn't TCC great?
    Hugs to you xo


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