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The Creative Connection Day 3

Romancing the Wristlet was the name of the first class I took at The Creative Connection. It was so much fun.

The class was taught by Shea Fragoso, Debbie Murray, and Heather Ales. Shea and Debbie own A Gilded Life.  They have the coolest, blingiest (Don't know if it's a word but I just made it up if it's not), glitter trinkets I have ever seen.
We learned how to make this bracelet. It started with a metal wrist band. We applied paper with modge podge. Then we glued trims and sequins and buttons. I think they are so cute.
Above is Emma's bracelet. Check out her website called Fl(h)air Accessories. She is amazingly talented and it was so fun getting to know her. Look at her fabulous notes. She has beautiful handwriting and artwork.

 Emma Burke and Kathleen Maibauer are showing the beginnings of the cutest bracelet.

The following are pictures of the market that was downstairs and you could shop in between classes. I featured a few of my favorite eye candy's.
Buttons and antiques again. Soooo cute! It was addicting. Of course, I bought more.
More Glitter, more jewelry. More of all the things I love to look at and play with.

 Antique fabrics and handkerchiefs and doilies all tied into different artwork and designs. So wonderful.
 Brooches and bling and velvet. What more can a girl want.
Here is the beginnings of my next project. First you pick your papers and tear them. Then you modge podge the paper onto a canvas surface. Next you paint the face of a girl. That was hard. But so fun.
The class was taught by Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradka. Aren't they the cutest couple. Check out their blog. They are so talented.

There you have it! My painting skills. It looks good from a distance. I think it will look cute hung in my studio/office.
Shari this one's for you. I can see if you are following. How cute are these? I couldn't resist a photo. They are adorable. The one on the left is Hooty Hoot and the one on the right is Hoo's in the Forest. They are buddies. I moved them so they could be next to each other. Check out Shari's website. She is one of our designers for Riley Blake Designs.
I hope you have all enjoyed a little of my 
day at the Creative Connection. I'll share more tomorrow.  


  1. Jealous! What fun. Love the wristlets. But I was super intrigued by the portrait. It made me think that could be done with fabric...maybe.

  2. So cute!!! I heart you Jina and I want to see the painting framed!!!


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