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Southern Women's Conference Day 2

 We found the yummiest restaurant by going to another restaurant. Our waitress told us about a quaint little shopping area on Park Avenue in Orlando. We found this cute little place. The restaurant we ate at was called Bosphorous Lounge and it was yummy. It was Turkish food and we loved it! This is what we started with. Zuku which is a flat bread. When it came out it was all puffy and when you break the middle steam comes out. We had a yogurt and dill spread. It was very delicious!

We then had a chicken dish and baklava. The baklava melted in your mouth. We have decided that Turkish food is on our list of favorite places to eat. I read that it is one of the top three cuisines in the world: Chinese, French and Turkish. They're right. It is scrumptious!
Here we see some flowers being made from felt. You cut a circle. Then you cut the circle in a circle. You can cut it straight or wavy. The wavy creates petals.
 Then you can adhere the various flowers to a wreath. I love the effect. These colors look great together for Christmas. You can see below how to do the various flowers. Aren't they cute?

This is Lacy. She works for Where Women Create. Notice the zipper flower she is wearing on her wrist. Love it!
This is Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil with Cindy (I am behind the camera) They were teaching us all about Steampunk. It is designs such as gears and keys. They say it is taking the craft industry by storm.
That is why they are launching their new book called Steampunk Chic. The chic means sequins and girly cute embellishments added. I'll have to keep my eyes open for Steampunk. We have some new fabric lines at Riley Blake Designs that are considered Steampunk. Take a look at 
Mod Tod and Grandma's House here.
The following are the wonderful ladies we got to meet and teach.
This lady was so excited to show us her finished bracelet from the day before. Look how great her yoyos are.
Here are some more wonderful ladies. In the back is my new friend Victoria who lives in Florida. This is one of the great reasons I love to travel and teach is to meet people like these women. They were so much fun to talk with \
The lady below in the burnt orange shirt had never crafted before. Not only did she learn how to do a yoyo yesterday but she was learning how to make a zipper flower. I was really proud of her and I am pretty sure she had a great time.

This lady sat in this same spot crafting all day.
These 2 darling ladies below are the zipper ladies and they just met each other. They were going to craft and make zipper flowers all night.I wonder how that went?

This is Jo Packman. She became involved in helping these women learn to make a zipper flower. She is the owner and creator of Where Women Create magazine. She has more friends than any one I know.
Look at that cute little face. She was so excited to show me her hot pink zipper flower that her mother made. She was going to put it on a headband and wear it.

Cindy and I heard a lot of screaming. We walked to the corner of the convention center where we saw a crowd of women. What could possibly have these women all hot and bothered?
Well, there were firefighters doing a fundraiser. They were earning money for burn victim children. The firefighters were stripping their tops and dancing. And wow could they dance!
Believe me. We were getting our eyes full. I'm pretty sure they earned a lot of money. How could they not?
Look at the crazy crowd of women. After watching for a little bit Cindy and I realized no one was shopping and this would be the perfect time to run and get what we needed. Sure enough, all the vendors were bored. There were no shoppers. They were all watching the Firefighters.
As soon as I get home I will hit the ground running. With only one more week before we leave for Quilt Market, there is still a lot to be finished.
Happy sewing and creating!
Will share more soon.


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