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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Talen is serving a mission in the West Indies and he sends his Christmas greetings with this sandman instead of a snowman. I love the coconut head and ball cap. We haven't even built a snowman this year. I've actually loved the warm weather we have been having. I could handle winter if it stayed this way.I'll take the warmer days for as long as we can have them.  Here he is with the only 4 missionaries in the upper part of Gwada. They have to be off the beach by  9:00 am. They usually go to the beach around 5:00 in the morning on their P-day which is their day off. They only have a few hours in the morning to themselves for sightseeing.  A few pictures from my house to yours. It was a wonderful Christmas. We were able to talk with Talen via Skype. I love technology.
 Grandpa, aka champ, is holding our new little Christmas present Nahla.  She is so sweet and beautiful.  I did happen to do a little sewing for Randy. His first man quilt out of Back Country designed by  The Paper Lof…

Cindy and Jina's Zipper Flowers

Cindy and Jina from Riley Blake Designs show how to make fun zipper flowers to add pizazz to anything your heart desires.