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This is a fun idea I did for Valentines and never shared. But if you want a quick and easy project, this is it. I made a pillow and trimmed it with jumbo pom poms.I cut 2 hearts and with right sides together sewed them. Turned the heart right side out. Found a lot of red buttons in various sizes and sewed them to the middle of the heart.

You could glue gun the buttons but part of the charm is the hand sewn look. A great way to showcase buttons of all sizes. Who doesn't like buttons. Vintage buttons would be a great highlight on a project like this. 

Happy Sewing!

Chevron Stripes

Over the Christmas break my daughter decided to paint her room. It has been pink for the last few years and she has finally decided that she has outgrown the pink. We painted her room an off white. Then she mathematically divided her wall into three sections. Starting in the middle she divided those sections into squares and drew a line from corner to corner in each square, like you would when doing a half square triangle for quilting. She taped off the sections that would be the stripes then began to paint.

She did a great job. The chevron stripes turned out lovely. 

We now have our chevron stripes available in quilt shops. Ask for the Riley Blake Designs chevrons. We have 9 different colors and if you search the  internet you can see all the fabulous items you can make with these amazing chevron stripes. 

There are so many fun things to be made. I am working on some for market but won't be showing them until they are ready for display. The following are photos I pinned into my chev…