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Yummy Artisan Bread

Has anything ever looked so pretty? My friend Paula brought this warm home baked bread by yesterday. It was the best tasting bread I have ever had. I felt like I was in a bakery in Paris.

I just can't get over how pretty this looks and the taste was just divine!

 To top it off she took my little featherweight that I purchased and saw one of the cute gals that fixes these and they figured out the problem. They are genius. It was like Christmas sewing on this little baby. I am so lucky to have such talented women who have taught me so much about the wonderful world of homemaking.

Now I have got to get to work. Market is just around the corner. Happy Sewing. Jina

Refurbishing Old Chairs

Giving life to chairs by painting and reupholstering is something fun you can do with little expense. In order to know if you can take the top of the chair off, look underneath to see if it is screwed in place. Unscrew the corners and remove the seat. 

I like to keep the same fabric on and reupholster over the top. This gives the chair durability by keeping layers of  fabric in place.

If you look close you can see this is the 4th layer this chair has had.

Cut the fabric several inches larger than the seat. You will need enough room to bring the fabric to the other side and staple in place. I like to start on the ends of the chair in the middle. Pull it tightly against each other and staple in place. All my gathering is at each corner. Pull all your excess fabric to the corners and staple in place. Cut off any excess fabric.

There you have it. A whole new look. Paint and fabric can work magic.

A great way to change up the look and feel of any room.

I like the contrast that color brings. Blac…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Happy Sewing! Jina

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Happy Sewing! Jina