Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HMQS in Salt Lake City 2012

Every year it is a great treat to go to the home quilters show in Salt Lake City. The quilt display is wonderful.  Our Alpine Quilt group was asked to participate in the show. There were so many great quilts. I am only going to show a few.This one is by Syd Haglund. This was a featured block of the month for our quilt group this year. It is a very clever game board quilt.

This quilt is machine pieced but hand stitched by Paula McKinlay. Look at those perfect feathered stars. The contrast of the pink and white is beautiful.

I really liked the look of this quilt and the layout of the blocks.

Love the black in this quilt contrasted with the bright colors, it really makes a statement.

 This is Cindy's quilt that she made from Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet pattern. How can you not fall in love with this adorable hand pieced quilt? There is so much work and many long plane trips and ball games in achieving this finished quilt.

Such a cute quilt! Look at those fun greens and reds!

I have this quilt sitting in a box. I need to get moving on it. Look how fabulous.the pattern is called "Oh My Gosh."

Look at all this beautiful needle turn applique. I just love it.

 This is my quilt and now it has a great story to go with it. I took it to a photo shoot on Saturday in Birdseye, which is about 1 hour from where I live. The day was very windy , rainy and cold but it had it's moments when it would calm down. I was trying to be quick and have the four quilts set in different areas of the ranch so that we could be quick about the photo shoot. The weather started getting bad so I gathered everything back into the car. We arrived home about 11 pm and my Randy was unloading the car and said there were only 3 quilts not 4. I began to be sick. It had been over 10 hours since our photo shoot and I was having night mares of my quilt flying off to no man's land, better yet being torn on one of the nails that protruded from the fence, or even being smeared in a cow-pie. We headed back to Birdseye and believe it or not my quilt was right where I left it. I have yet to see if it has any dirt on it but I have it back: a sweet tender mercy.

Love these color combinations.

 The workmanship on these quilts is so beautiful.

I am not sure but I think the following quilts were from the same pattern only each quilter used different fabrics. It is fun to see the variety and design changes depending on how color is used.

 The quilting on this quilt is spectacular.

 Look at this quilting.

This beautiful quilt is by Laurel in our Alpine quilt group. Her work is inspiring.

Believe it or not this is a quilt. Can you believe it?

Loved the modern look of this quilt.

I also have this Dear Jane quilt sitting in a box. I have got to work on this next.

I hope these beautiful quilts inspire you to quilt and design. I was truly awed by the beautiful workmanship. I only showed a small portion of what was there. If you live in the Salt Lake area you will not want to miss this next year. It gets better each year. It is always in May.

Happy Sewing

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 Spring Quilt Market in Kansas

I need to first announce the winners of the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 5 book.

Lisa Marie
What a cool block! I've only recently jumped on the solids bandwagon and I'll have to give this block a try. Thanks for the chance in your giveaway! 

Joan M
Hi Jina. I also like the pop of white in your pink and grey block. Thanks for the chance to get my hands on all the lovely blocks :-) 

If you could all email me and send me your address I would love to send these books along with a surprise.
Thanks for the comments and support.

This is the Riley Blake Design booth and as you can see it is the end result of hard labor to get this structure up. We have a wonderful crew of Riley Blake Hot Guys that work hard to make this happen. (see my pinterest board to see these guys in action.)

Here we have featured the Ombre dot. This dot starts light on both selvage edges going to dark in the center. It is a fun concept that a lot of people like. You can make all kinds of fun projects. My favorite are these ties which I made using the pattern "Little Guys Ties" by Little Londyn. 

Above we have organic cottons in Zoofari designed by Doodlebug Design.

Costume Clubhouse was designed by Sheri McCulley Studio.

Santa's Workshop is a Christmas line by Doodlebug Design.

Avignon is Emily Taylor's next line. She made these darling pillows and quilt out of a few pieces of strike off fabric. She did a wonderful job. 

Good Life is designed by Deena Rutter. She has a wonderful line of jewelry, notebooks and clothing that match this line.

Millie's Closet is Lori Holts newest line from Bee in my Bonnet

Lori has beautiful quilts, pillows, a wonderful vintage dress and hats.

She has coat hanger covers and a great oversized bag that can carry all.

Seaside is designed by October Afternoon and has wonderful hats bags, pajamas and quilts featuring the fun prints.

Super Star is a followup line to All Star 1 and 2. It is a great boy line featuring oranges, blues, brown, grays and yellows.

Apple of My Eye features The Quilted Fish' new line by Amanda Herring.

She has easy to do projects like this crown, slippers and hat pincushion.

This tower is where we feature our kits. These are ready to go projects in a cute zipper bag with instructions for the beginner project. 

Our solids and shades feature our high quality cotton.

So many fun projects are featured with the solids and shades; quilts, bags and clothing are just a few.

Song Bird is a beautiful floral line designed by Carina Gardner.

She has wonderful patterns also featuring quilts and clothing. My favorite is the maxi dress by Create Kids Couture.

Pieces of Hope is our charity line for the year. A significant portion of the proceeds will go towards the awareness of Autism. Jenna made this quilt and pillow with a few strike offs I gave her. It shows the bright fun colors and puzzle pieces. 

Peak Hour is Kellie Wulfsohn's first line with us designed after her Peak Hour quilt. It is a great selling line for boys and features cars, newspaper adds and signs.

Marguerite is designed by Cyndi Walker of Stitch Studio. It has beautiful corals, yellows and aquas, set against the white the colors pop.

Dress Up Days is designed by Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs. This features a panel with a doll and 3 outfits that can be made. Super Cute!


Puppy Park is designed by Bella Blvd. Cute little vignettes of puppies and dog houses with wonderful coordinating prints of dog bones and large dots.

The Simple Life is by a new designer called Tasha Noel. She does wonderful red work and shows her beautiful embroidery in these pillows.

Willow features organic cottons and is designed by My Mind's Eye.

Vintage Baby is designed by Lori Whitlock and showcases cute juvenile prints to make darling items for a nursery.

Showing our Sew Together trims. 

I made these baby onsies with a lot of our rosebud trim, stretch elastic crochet lace and many other fun trims that we have in bight colors.

Alpine Wonderland is another line designed by Sheri McCulley Studio. A beautiful Christmas line.

On the front of our booth we debuted the chevron. We are coming out with new sizes and you can't belief the chevron craziness. We showcased a lot of designers wonderful new patterns with chevron.

The bright colors were a fun pop of color for the front of our booth.

This is our QR code quilt designed by Deonn Stotts group in Heber. It was a contest quilt for the Riley Blake Design challenge at HMQS. The concept is cutting edge quilting. If you have a microsoft tag you can scan the center of the quilt which goes straight to the RBD website. There is a code in each corner and those go to different features on the website. It's ingenious and we love the concept.

Bohemian Festival is designed by Lila Tueller Designs. She does wonderful patterns with our laminate product. If you haven't tried our laminate you need to feel how soft it is and how great it is to sew with.

These are showing pictures of the whole booth set up.

It was a great show.

Hope you enjoyed.

I took a lot more pictures of the booth, so if you are wanting more please let me know and I will send them to you.

Happy Sewing!