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Spring Giveaway

Spring is here!

I could smell the grass being mowed yesterday and I got all excited!

I thought I would do a giveaway. I designed the quilt and have taught this at 
Pie Plate Patterns Quilt Retreat.

The giveaway will be a kit called Read-A-Thon and is valued at $60.

It is super easy and super fun! The instructions are simple to read.

The quilt uses the fabric Summer Breeze which is designed 
by Bella Blvd  for Riley Blake Designs.

 To quality you must do the following:

1. Be a follower on my blog
2. Tell me your favorite thing about Springtime and Sewing!

The winner needs to express their passion about why they LOVE sewing and quilting or whatever your talent might be in the fabric world.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Sewing!



  1. I love quilting and sewing because I love to make things for the babies in my life and watching them grow up with my love surrounding them! And I love spring because I live in an area where Summer is crazy hot, but Spring allows us to be outside in the beautiful weather.

  2. Here is just one example of why I love sewing. At a recent family gathering I saw one of my husband's second cousins. We seldom see each other but that night we had a chance to chat a bit and I really enjoyed it. A few days later I was still thinking of that and decided to send her a couple little things to let her know I was thinking of her. I made a quilted potholder and an infinity scarf, which are both quick little projects. I threw in a few handmade notecards and sent it all to her. A week later I got a gushing thank you note from her about how I had made her day and her week by sending the little gifts. Not long after that, my MIL talked about this cousin going on and on about this fabulous package I had sent to her. Just knowing that you can do something, even a small thing, to brighten someone's day is one of the best things about sewing!
    I follow your blog. Love the fabrics and quilt, thanks for the chance to win!

  3. What do I love about Springtime? EVERYTHING! Its always been my favorite season. . . the smells, sounds, sunshine, greenness, ambition, and freedom! Spring!! Yay! I heard the birds outside and boy does that get me excited! I get so ambitious!

    Sewing is what I love to do! I love the challenge, it's like putting a puzzle together. I like pushing myself to get better. I love making others happy with the things I've made. I LOVE to sew! and with 13 grandchildren (8 of which are girls) I keep pretty busy making all their gifts.

  4. GFC follower!
    Spring and sewing are my 2 most favourite things!!
    I love the colours and longer days of Spring and I love making things - especially for other people!

  5. Que me gusta de la Primavera? Las flores, olor, color,la luz y los días largos y cálidos.

    Que me gusta de coser? Jugar con las telas y ver el resultado de jugar con

    Si, soy seguidora por GFC. Gracias.

  6. I love springtime sewing because the sun is shining, the birds are singing, longer days to get more sewing done. Fabrics in the stores are happier, people are happier and the ideas flow a lot better. :-)

  7. My favorite thing about Spring is the new blooms on the trees and the weather. I am a beginner when it comes to sewing but I love how relaxing it is and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish something new.

  8. One of my favorite things about Spring is the new life of everything. We love to go to Nurseries and choose plants to put in the ground. Sewing is such an important part of my life. It brings me joy just as the new plants do. I have been sewing since I was nine and feel so grateful for my mother and grandmother for passing this talent on to me.

  9. I love to see God's promise of new life springing from the ground! This year my tulips will have to push through a lot of snow, but they will soon brighten our yard..can't wait! I just really enjoy putting fabric together in a way that will make someone smile. What makes me really happy is that my daughters and daughter-in-law are starting to sew for their children and friends, and now they know they joy I felt when I made their baby blankets. I would like to follow your blog but I don't know how to do that.

  10. I love to make presents for newborns. And I love making bags. It's so much fun to create lovely softies.
    When I sew it feels very mindfull. Just being in my own world in the now.
    It's so magical to see a piece of fabric changing in a doll or softie or bag.

  11. Your design is lovely and looks like a fun project to make.

    What is my favorite thing about Springtime and Sewing? I love all the cheerful colors of Springtime and how fun it can be to pull that into my sewing projects. It might be a quilt or wearable, but it does seem that I enjoy working with spring fabrics and designs every Spring. Definitely puts a special rhythm into my sewing, to make my day fun.


  12. HI, these fabrics are so beautiful! My fabric choices change when spring flowers come out! So it light+bright hues in all my sewing+quilting! New placemats for the table are in order for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love everything about sewing, except picking out the mistakes, lol, Spring is so full of joy and promises of beautiful things to come, the laughter of a child, the song of a bird, the buds on trees and flowers, the cool blue of the water in a pool, or the radiant colors of the fish in a soothing pond. All are inspirations for more sewing projects, and loved ones to share them with. Thanks for the chance to win. Blessing to you, Jackie

  14. I joined your blog today and I really enjoy it. Jackie

  15. Springtime and Sewing...hmmm, well, I love sewing all year but Spring is so inspiring. Every time I see a stand of daffodils or a tulip in bloom, a new quilt seems to form in my head! I found your blog from the Union Jack hop and I've added you to by Blog Lovin'. I can't wait to try those bags!

  16. I just started to follow today. Love spring with all the new flowers, trees when they get the new green leaves, birds chirp, hummingbirds coming to the feeder. Try a new quilt idea. The Union Jack hop so far has been great. thanks for the chance to win.


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