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Aqua Union Jack Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Union Jack Small Cosmetic Bag
Aqua Union Jack

Finished Dimensions: 

5″ tall

8″ wide across the top
6″ wide across the bottom
2.5″ deep

How cute is this!!!  

I love making quick gifts that show a little extra 
effort but don't take all my time.
Enjoy the following tutorial for a simple way 
to place a zipper into a bag.

You will first need the following supply list:

Supplies Needed:
1 small union jack panel 9” x 11”

1 rectangle of fabric 9” x 11” for lining
4 rectangles of fabric 2” x 9” for top of bag
2 squares 3” x 3” for the zipper end covers
1 colored zipper 14”
9" piece of ribbon

1 piece of lightweight fusible interfacing 9” x 11”

Apply your interfacing to the back 

of your outside fabric. 

(The union jack panel.) Set aside.

 Press each short end of the 4 rectangles 2” x 9” 

half inch toward the middle.

  Sandwich zipper in between 2 of the rectangles. 

(This section should measure 8” finished.) 

Sew zipper with zipper foot. 


            Repeat for the other side. Press. Pin in place to secure.


                      Top-stitch short ends and along zipper.

    Fold outside and lining in half. 

WRST make a square at the bottom of the outside bag. 

Repeat for the lining of bag. 

Measure 1″ from the bottom and 1.25” from the side. 

Cut the corners in a square. 

WRST sew the sides of the outside bag. 

Repeat for the lining.

WRST sew the corners of the outside bag by centering the side 

seam to the middle of the bag bottom. 

Repeat for the lining

      Press under ¼” at the top edge of the outside bag. 

    Repeat for the lining.

Place lining inside the outside bag 

with wrong sides facing each other. 

Pin in place to secure.

Sandwich the zipper section between the outside and lining. 

Pin in place to secure. 


Note: Open zipper to make it easier to get all 
edges of zipper section pinned.

 Press 3” squares into the middle to measure approximately 1”.

 Press up short ends ¼”. Pin zipper end in place. 

       Top-stitch around outside edge and    
crisscross through the middle to secure in place.

    Tie a ribbon to the zipper pull. 

Add any embellishments to your cute cosmetic bag.


I enjoyed having you stop by to see this tutorial.

Fill your cute bag with goodies. They are so useful and can be used for anything.
I love having lots of small bags to place inside my purse to keep things organized.
I also love small bags for when I am traveling to keep my makeup, jewelry and personals separate.

Create your own fun cosmetic bag by using different fabric combinations and trims to embellish.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. hi Jina.I know I had commented on your union jack bag...was that on rbd site...? it is very well I am seeking your quilted cotton tour day..are you somewhere else ? Let me know and I will redo a link on my blog?


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