Thursday, April 27, 2017

Faded Memories Blog Tour

I feel privileged to be part of 
Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs fabric tour. 
When I met Gerri and saw her quilt designs and fabrics 
I knew right away that she was a keeper. 
She is incredibly talented and her expertise shines 
in the selection of color, texture and illustration
of this fabric collection called 
Faded Memories

Gerri has designed some beautiful quilts 
to go with this collection. 
She has a book available now called
It's filled with 9 beautiful quilt designs.

 With luscious reds, country blues, deep navy blues,
and some creams and beige's mixed in... 
how can you not want to make quilt blocks.

I could not resist making the traditional Dresden Plate block.
This quilt block is addictive.

 I used a pattern you can download from Craftsy called 
"The Retreat Bag" by Janelle MacKay

Super easy! Super fun!

You can purchase the wire frames from your 
local quilt store.
Don't be intimidated...they are super easy 
to insert in the top of your bag 
and I love how they keep the 
top of your bag open and accessible.

I did make my pockets larger and I placed 
one on each side...because hey, 
who doesn't need one more pocket 
and who says you can have too many??? Not me!

 I quilted the fabric first 
then I placed the Dresden Plate on the outside
of the bag and quilted on top of the block.

If you notice the modern flare Gerri has given 
her designs by giving them some texture and dimension. 
She's clever that way. 

I especially love the denim looking background 
on the main blue print
which I featured on the outside of this bag.

 On the back of the bag I cut some 2 1/2" squares and pieced them together. They add a bit of charm and 
show off some of the other pieces in this fabric line.


   Notice all those blues, reds and creams next to each other....

You can find all these fabrics at your local quilt shop.
Penny Rose Fabrics is the Manufacture of these
gorgeous prints.

So ask your local quilt shop if they carry 
           Faded Memories
              by Gerri Robinson for Penny Rose Fabrics

Be sure to check out these other wonderful 
designers and see their beautiful projects.

Faded Memories Blog Tour

It has been so fun sharing what I love to do... 
Create and Sew with Fabric!!!
Thank you Gerri for letting me play with your 
beautiful fabric designs!

Happy Sewing!

Jina xox

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sweetie Pie Sew Along Week 7

Sweetie Pie Sew Along Week 7 
How fun are these blocks? 
If you haven't tried one need to. 
Lori Holt shows how simple and fun these Sweetie Pie 
blocks can be. Check out her blog here 
where you can read about Lori's tips and tricks to making these 
fabulous dresdan plate quilt blocks.

I have especially enjoyed seeing all the 
different color palettes that everyone has chosen.
The consensus is that everyone is in the mood for spring colors 
...with the yummy fruit shapes in the center which give this block its can you not love the cuteness!

I decided to make a mini quilt with my 
Sweetie Pie block.

Don't you just love the blueberries!!!
I do and that's why I chose this block.

I love the detail Lori adds to her blocks.
Of course, I had to add those same little details by doing some embroidery on my blueberries, leaves and stems. 
The stitching gives everything an added charm factor 
that goes along with everything Lori does so well.

These colors made me feel like spring is just around the corner...even though we have had more snow here in Utah.

A black and white striped binding grounded these 
spring colors and made them look just a little more sophisticated than they really are.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Be sure to check out Riley Blake here.
You can download the pattern and start joining us for the Sweetie Pie Sew Along.
Be sure to #PieBlock #SweetiePieSewAlong

Happy Sewing!!!

Jina xox

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Goldilocks Fabric Tour

Goldilocks Fabric Tour

Jill Howarth has designed a darling fabric line 
based around the beloved storybook of 
Goldilocks and the three bears. 
Her eye for detail and color choices
 make this line so sweet.

Jill designs for Riley Blake Designs and 
you can find her whole collection 
of adorable prints here...

Fabric always inspires my designs and I couldn't 
help myself...I had to make my grand daughters 
another cute mini quilt for 
their doll bed...they like to play with when they visit.

These are 3" finished mini houses. 
I like to think Goldilocks would have played 
with the three bears in each of these cute houses:)

Notice the cute mushrooms, flowers, 
bears and Goldilocks, of course.

The little girls are going to spend hours 
of fun remaking this bed and using 
this cute mini Goldilocks 
House quilt to cover their dolls.
I was able to fussy cut some of the 
cute motifs so they showed in the mini houses. 
You could play I-spy and tell stories 
about all the cute details in these fabrics.
Be sure to stop by and see all the 
other makers and their fun projects.

Happy Sewing!!!

Jina xox

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Enchanted Blog Tour

How whimsical and cute is this new Enchanted Fabric line designed by Dodi Poulson for Riley Blake Designs
The color palette of navy blue, teal, mint 
and pinks are irresistible. 
The squirrel motive in one of the prints blends 
perfectly with the geometrics, polka dots and flowers.

I decided to make some 2" hexagons using 
the English Paper Piecing method.
The fabrics were so fun to fussy cut the 
motifs in this collection.

Pillows are such a great way to add 
color to any space in your home.
They are fun elements of added texture
to beds, chairs and sofas.

Once the hexagons were hand stitched they were 
placed on a whole cloth and machine stitched 
through the middle and outside edges of each hexagon.
The edge of the pillow is bound just like a quilt 
which gives it a nice finished look.

Thank you Dodi for such fun colors and 
designs that make sewing so enjoyable!


You could win a bundle of Enchanted fabric 
by visiting Dodi’s blog called Loose Threads 
( and leave a comment.
One entry per blog post, per day of the Blog Tour.
Enter every day to increase your chance of winning!!!
Check out all the designers gorgeous projects below!

Happy Sewing!!!

Jina xox

Blog Tour Schedule

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Quilt Petite Blog Hop

I am super excited to share what I have made from 
Sedef's new book called 
"Quilt Petite" 
published by Tuva Publishing.

This book is filled with charming, whimsical and quaint projects that are perfect for homemade gifts or for decorating your home.
Sedef has added details of care and love to each page of 
"Quilt Petite"

I used "On Trend" fabric designed by Jen Allyson 

I chose to make the Hexie Doll Quilt on page 35.
The first thing I needed to do was prepare the 
(39) 1 1/2" hexies for paper piecing.

I had fun deciding which prints to fussy cut for the hexies.

Sedef has you hand-quilt around each hexie...
which gives this project the charming handmade touch. 

I used Shari's Binding Babies to keep my binding organized and cute while I finished my hand sewing. 
You can find more information about these here.
I named my cute babies Thelma and Louise.

I LOVE how this Hexie Doll Quilt turned out!!! 
LOVE how quickly this project came together...and
LOVE how Sedef has you bind around all the edges 
which finishes this cute project!
I added some doll pillows and have written 
some simple instructions below.

These pillows fit the ikea bed like Sedef suggested using.
Doll Pillow Case
(this is for one pillowcase)
main fabric: 5" x 12" (floral)
trim fabric: 2" x 12" (mint)
end fabric: 5" x 12" (stripe)

Press the trim and end fabric pieces in half lengthwise.
Layer the main fabric, then the pressed trim fabric, 
then the pressed end fabric on top of each other. 
Raw edges should be facing to the outside.

Sew 1/4" seam allowance through all 3 layers. 
Press the trim and end fabrics to the outside. 

Fold in half, match seams. 
Sew along the bottom and up to the top of the pillowcase.

Pillow Insert
Cut 2 rectangles 5" x 6"
Sew with right sides together around all 4 edges. 
Leave a 2" opening. 
Turn right side out through opening. 
Stuff with toy stuffing or something similar. 
Stitch along the open edge with your machine 
or hand-stitch opening closed with a blind stitch.

Turn pillow case right side out. 
Place pillow insert inside the pillow case.

Bolster Doll Pillow 
main fabric: (1)6" x 10" (squares)
ruffle: (2)2" x 22" (mint)
end fabric: (2)3" x 12" (triangles)
20" piece of ribbon

Ruffle: Press ruffle fabric in half lengthwise.

Gather along the raw edges.
(scant less than 1/4" seam allowance so you can hide 
this gathering when you sew the final 1/4" seam)

End Fabric: Press under one edge on both end fabrics.
Press 1/4" then 1/4" again.
(this creates the casing for the ribbon to be threaded through)

Top-stitch along the edge creating a casing for the ribbon.

Layer the main fabric, then the ruffle, 
then the end fabric raw edges.
Pin to secure all layers.

Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance through all 3 layers.
Press ruffle and end fabric to the outside.
Top-stitch along the seam.

Repeat for the other side.
Trim all edges so they are even.
(optional: you can turn under the short end piece 
to create a nice finished edge on the casing. 
Do this at the very beginning.)

Start sewing right beneath the top-stitching of the end fabric. 
*Leave the casing ends open for threading the ribbon through.

Turn right side out.

Roll 6" strips of left over batting 
until it is about 3" in diameter.

Thread a 10" piece of ribbon through the end fabric casing. 
Cinch ribbon up firmly and tie in a bow.
Insert the 3" batting roll you just made.

Finish by threading the other ribbon through the 
other end of the Bolster Pillow roll.

Such a cute fun Hexie Doll Quilt!
Sedef's instructions were easy to read and follow.

I especially loved how the hexies created a pocket for the doll to lay inside all cozy and warm.

I loved how Sedef added the pom pom trim.
I used a mini pom pom trim.

Be sure to check out all the amazing makers who have created projects from Sedef's beautiful book "Quilt Petite"
Their links are below.
There is also a giveaway for the "Quilt Petite" book.
Check here for details.

Thank you for stopping by to check out this fun sewing project!!!

I hope you feel inspired to sew and create.


Happy Sewing!

Jina xox

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